Apply for Subcontractor

Are You interested of subcontracting for Herajärven Kuljetus Oy? If You are interested of subcontracting, You should have EQUIPMENT that enables loading of 21 loadmeters / 40 tons.

If You are really interested about the transporting branch and You would like to employ yourself with your own equipment, please contact Marko Herajärvi +358414395105 / or Pekka Herajärvi +358414395102 /


Work for Herajärven Kuljetus Oy ?

Are You interested to work as a Truck driver for Herajärven Kuljetus Oy?

We are always looking for professional drivers with right working attitude.

Truck drivers work is really demanding and that is why we are looking for a Person with multitasking capabilities.

The most important abilities for the Person we are looking for are positive and selfimposed attitude for work as truck drivers work is really independent customer Service minded work.

These abilities gives You the best possibilities to improve your know-how in your daily work. Working as a truck driver You need to be able to take responsibility for all the work You do, You need to know the geography for Nordics/Scandinavia and to be able to calculate and plan the time tables/schedules. If You are able to drive a truck or/and other loading machines, it is a huge benefit. If You are able to speak Swedish or English, it will make your daily work whole lot easier. You should also know the rules and regulations for loading truck combinations of link+trailer or trailer+link.

As a truck driver in Herajärven Kuljetus Oy You have a unique possibility to know the Nordics from head to toes. You will also get to know lots of important players and contacts inside Transport branch.

Now and in the future our aim is to be the best employer inside Transport branch.

Help us to achieve this goal and join our professional team.

If You are interested to work as a truck driver in Herajärven Kuljetus Oy, please contact Marko Herajärvi +358414395105 / or Pekka Herajärvi +358414395102 /